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Band Contact: tarantulah2012@gmail.com
Band Site: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tarantulah
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Bio: Tarantulah formed in 2007 by Man Rabaxx (Vocals), Silentt Shoutt (Drum/ ex-Deadly Conspiracy) and Awe Donde (guitar)  in Kuala Lumpur but continued to remain silent on the commitment to education and work without record any song. In 2011, Dani– Bass and Rusak Minda (Ex-Deadly Conspiracy) -Guitar offer themself to complete our band. Awe Donde left in May 2012 due personal problem. Recording process was done in our home studio in Ampang  and Seri Petaling.  Dani left this band because want to give full commitment for his business . We respect with his decision.

Current Line Up:

1 - Man Rabaxx (Vocal)
2 - Rusak Minda (Guitar/Bass/Vocal),
3 - Silentt Shoutt (Drum/Vocal)

Tarantulah combain music from Motorhead, Municipal Waste, Disclose, Parkinson, Metallica, old Sepultura, Rumble Militia , The Bollocks but Tarantulah create our song begin with lyrics and mix element of of punk, heavy metal, d-beat, grind, crust,thrash metaL and rock n roll. Our music definitely dont have any solo or guitar hero. Only riff and riff, blast and beat and we name it as Moderate Metal Punk.

From 2011 we release some demos. compilation and some split with other band. But  our official releases  are:

1 - 2012 – Kedamaian Jalan Hitam (Demo I)
 a. Trooper Art Regime Production (Malaysia)- r.i.p
 b. Fuck The Industry Record (Japan)
 c. Evilpunk Records (Belarus)
 d. Ultrarock Susu Records (Indonesia)

2 - 2014 – War Brutality (Demo II)
 a. Sisa Toxsick Production (Malaysia)
 b. Dente Podi Records (Brazil)
 c. Evilpunk Records (Belarus)
 d. D.I.Y Records and Distro (Malaysia-tape version) – r.i.p

3 - 2015 – Human’s Suffer (Demo III)
 a. Sisa Toxsick Production (Malaysia)


Title: Tarantulah - Kedamaian Jalan Hitam

Format: CDR
Label: Trooper Art Regime Production
Download: GD 

Title: Tarantulah - War Brutality (2nd demo)
Format: CDR
Label: Sisa Toxsick Production (Malaysia)
Download: GD 

Title: Tarantulah - Human's Suffer (3rd Demo)
Format: CDR
Label: Sisa Toxsick Production (Malaysia)

Download: GD  | GD2

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