Thursday, 16 June 2016

VA - Punk Rock Paradox

Title: VA - Punk Rock Paradox
Format: CD
Label: Nervhous Records
Bands: Skunkfix, Stick No Bill, Brayok & The Ray Gradys
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Track List:
1. Wake-Up Class Punks (Skunkfix)
2. Michael Never Learns to Rock (Skunkfix)
3. A Punk to Remember (Skunkfix)
4. Don't Wannabe a Rockstar (Skunkfix)
5. Johnny has hit the Line (Skunkfix)
6. Scarcity (Skunkfix)
7. Blue Hippo-Creep (Stick No Bill)
8. Sendiri Mau Ingat (Stick No Bill)
9. Berputiknya Cinta di City Plaza (Stick No Bill)
10. Sendiri Mau Ingat (horn) (Stick No Bill)
11. I'm a shitworker (Brayok)
12. Wannabe (Brayok)
13. Berdiri di tepi sebelah Kiri (Brayok)
14. Ketok Ketuaq (Brayok)
15. Stop the war (Brayok)
16. Farewell (Brayok)
17. Reply to the Critics (The Ray Gradys)
18. Pirate radio (The Ray Gradys)
19. I hate this song (The Ray Gradys)
20. Fuck Authority (GG Alin cover) (The Ray Gradys)
21. Burnawithforjesus (live) (The Ray Gradys)

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