Wednesday, 13 February 2019


Band Name: DISM
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Related Band: The Dirty Dogs, Psycho Sickness, Discrusher and The Bongox

Title: DISM / Civil Evacuation - Human Extinction Split
Format: Tape
Label: Civil Records
Download: GD 

Title: DISM - Warmageddon
Format: Tape
Label: Self Released
Download: GD 
Track List: 
01. Impact Of War (Intro) 
02. Warmageddon 
03. System From Hell 
04. No More Reality 
05. State Curfew 
06. Burden Our Life 
07. Dark Paradise 
08. Janji Kosong 
09. Brutalocaust 
10. Restricted 
11. A Nightmare For Today 
12. Destruk-vision (Outro)

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